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Posted new softwarer ATPRO158_Build5 (only on Serbian language)
Posted two new PCB designs ver4.0 i ver5.0
Posted new PCB design v3.0
Initial release

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ATP158 - ATMEL µCU Programmer
Revizija: 4.0
Datum: 30.06.2004.
This project is published in magazine
InfoElektronika #43 (Serbian language)

This programmer is constructed for programming 20-pins atmel Microcontrollers serie AT89Cx051 on DOS and Win operating systems

Device picture
It simple for build, use both LPT interface Bidirectional and Standard, have an applicable software (both Dos and Windows) and Capable to run on a oldtimer PC engine etc. i286,i386,i486..
Support only AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051 µCU

Device descriptions:

After long search for adequate programmer for Atmel family microcontrollers, we found a couple, but no one isn't capable for all of our requests:

(1) It must be simple for build
(2) It must use both LPT interface Bidirectional and Standard
(3) It must have an applicable software (both Dos and Windows)
(4) Capable to run on a oldtimer PC engine etc. i286,i386,i486..
(5) To support only AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051 µCU

We decided to build this programmer by ourselves...... We used hardware conception from magazine 'Elektor', because it is very simple there and it can't be simplier. The bigest work is left to us to do - writting a software. And that's it. We present you ATP158 programmer, which we use almost every day for development microcontroller devices.

Software is free for non-commercial and private use and your only obligation for using this programmer is to send me a maintenance e-mail, (or better a postcard), so that we'll be stimulated to continue our work on this project in future.

Picture 1 -ATP158 SCH
For details you can click on picture.


In revision v2.0, a necessary buffer for a work on new mother boards is implemented on the same PCB with the rest of electronic.

We tried to minimise a number of components used in the programmer hardware and all these components are available in every severe electronic shop. Of course, they don't cost too much. I guess that we succeeded.

As a power source in prototype we use a small AC transformer 14V~, about 100 mA. It plugs on input, marked as K3 in the schematic. Of course, you could use a DC power source in range 14VDC-18VDC, but be carefully, the bigger voltage the bigger disipation on voltage regulator (78L05).

*** Tip:

If someone prefers inverting buffers (eg. 74LS05), he could use it instead of a noninverting buffer (74LS07 in the schematic). Then he has to link two inverting buffers in series, in order to have noninverting.

PCB designs:

(Basic version 2.0)


Click for details (detailed bitmap of PCB)

In the picture, PCB layout is a Bottom view


Click for details.... Top view!!!

Here, you can download archive with PCB in Adobe pdf and Protel PCB format (32kb)

PCB Donations:

Next PCB design's is donation from couple of my frends and colleagues. Schematic for this design's is the same from PICTURE 1. Changes are most aestethic.
NOTE: Design's not tested by me.

Rev v3.0 (date 14.06.2004.)

Thanks to Igor Janjatovic for donation

Changes from original:
1. Added DB25 connector on PCB
2. four rubber stands (in corners of PCB)
3. decoupling capacitors 100nF (on all chips)
4. unused inputs 74LS07 putted on +5V or GND
5. space for DIP20 or Textol20 or Aries24 socket

Download a all Zip arhive:

Rev v4.0 and 5.0 (date 30.06.2004.)

Thanks GUJA for donation :)

Differences from original:
1. Added DB25 connector on PCB

All PCB files for v4.0 download here:

1. Added IDC connector on PCB

All PCB files for v5.0 download here:


There are two software versions for support ATP158 programmer, and they are checked in real life on folowing PC:
Windows version - PI, Cyrix 150Mhz (200mmx) 32Mb RAM
Dos version - 486, Intel 40Mhz 12Mb RAM

Of course it will work on the other PC configurations.

If you find either 'bugs', or malfunction please rapport to me:

Dos version: (author: Nenad Petrovic)

ATP v2.5

OS: Dos, Windows95, Windows98

It will also work in Windows 95/98
MS DOS prompt window.

English language:
Download (22Kb)

Windows versions: (history.txt)

ATP v1.58 Build 3.0 Beta
Update: 27.05.2001

OS: Windows95, Windows98
Windows NT, Windows 2000

English language::
Download (352Kb)

ATP v1.58 Build 5.0
Update: 17.03.2004.

Windows95, Windows98
Windows XP, Windows 2000

NEW:Added DELAY rutines for fast computers (>850Mhz), you can easily setup delays from application

Serbian language:
Download (400Kb)

If you don't understand anything, contact us @ address:

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